Sunday, January 9, 2011

high blood pressure in ayurveda

Hypertension and natural dietary precautions with herbs

High blood pressure or hypertension [BP] is primarily a condition where the blood starts exerting more than normal  pressure on the walls of vessels. High blood pressure is one of the major silent killers. It is one of the life style problem which occurs because of stress, wrong eating habits, sedentary life style and hereditary factors.
The normal range of blood pressure is 120 systolic and 80 diastolic which can be written as 120/80 mm hg. Above this range is borderline, high or extremely high.
Main causes of uchh rakatchap [BP]  are mainly life style related like hectic schedules stressed working hours, unhealthy food habits, obesity, smoking, alcoholism, insufficient sleep, family history, emotional stress excessive use of pain killers. So in case if you feel any two or three reasons present in your routine you can be prone to high blood pressure. Do start taking preventive steps. Which we will discuss here.
We will start with signals or signs. Do get yourself checked if  any time any of these signs appear. as these can be warning signals for high BP which is a silent killer i.e  It may not cause immediate problems but if remain untreated for longer times it is one of the major reason for multi organ failure and cardiac arrest.
Headaches, dizziness, pain in chest or arm, shortness of breath , tinnitus or sounds like ringing or buzzing in ears, vision problems, irritability, sleeplessness, vague gastric fullness or pain and nausea, urgency or frequent urination and bleeding from nose these can be the signs.
Traditional Indian healing system ayurveda looks hypertension as an imbalance of basic three elements or constitutes of body. These three basic metaphysical components are VATA, PITTA & KAPHA.
Basically treatment consists of life style changes as soon as possible. In ayurveda it is done  to bring back the harmony  and equilibrium of the body. It recommends balanced diet,healthy life style, yoga meditation and introduction of herbs.
High blood pressure which has imbalanced  pitta  generally have bleeding problems, liver or indigestion problem, anger or Agitation, painful throbbing headaches, acidity or diarrhoeas and intolerance to heat.
More sattvic foods without spices, fresh fruits and vegetables with increased liquid intake will be good in these type of people. Aloe, kutuki [picrorhiza kurroa],brahmi [centella asiatica] and shankspushpi [convovulus pluricaulis]  are few of the herbs along with kushmaand [ashgourd] which can be helpful in this condition. In unresponsive cases further help can be there with panchkarma and other herbal medication under supervision.

If Hypertension is  because of kapha, blood pressure  can be mild to moderate high and stable it means not much responsive to anger bouts and emotional turmoil. Overweight, swellings, laziness tiredness along with signs of depressions can be seen in this type.
All types of oily diets too much of dairy products should be avoided. Spices are beneficial,   hot and fresh food is recommended. Here herbs which can benefit are arjuna[terminalia arjuna], garlic, black pepper, dry ginger and cumin seeds.

In hypertension due to imbalance of vata signs can be like  sudden rise and fall in pressure, i.e  low and high BP, irregular rhythm of heart and pulse, anxious and nervous behaviour, instability in moods, pain in body and joints, belching, distensions, chronic constipation and sleeplessness. Dalchini or nutmeg powder, ginger, aswgandha powder[withania somnifera], tulsi [osmium baslicum] are few of the herbs which can help. Meditaion is very helpful in this group along with stability core excercises or balancing yoga. Raw vegetables and salads should be less in diet but can increase cooked vegetables in olive or mustard oil. Hot milk is good with ashwgandha herb.
Curd or yoghurt should be avoided in all  types along with mulethi [licocrice]
Apart from these specifications people diagnosed with Hypertension can follow simple guidelines which will keep the equilibrium of the body.
·         A general rule will be to have less oily food,less condiments, preservatives and junk food. Low in salt and sugar, freshly cooked and balanced in proteins, carbs, fats and minerals  but more in fruits and vegetables.
Here we will provide some points to consider.
·         Caffeine or any type of addiction like smoking, drugs or alcohol, is bad for hypertensives.
·         Try to stick to vegetarian or yogic diet to keep mind healthy and without agitation, anger and depression. Dead animals and red meats particularly  may charge negative emotions and restlessness to mind. furthermore red meat/ smoked meat  is proved  carcinogenic too.
·         Some herbs can be considered as  safe like  garlic,  Gooseberry [ phyllicus embllica]. Ashwagnaddha, brahmi and tulsi.
·         Guavas, apples,  bananas, drumsticks, bitter gourd can be added more to the diet.
·         In oils mustard oil, sesame [til] oil  and olive oil is good for cooking but less oil is healthy formula always.
·         Any type of exercise or yoga should be inducted to life style.

·         In yoga shavasana [corpse pose], baalsana [child pose] makrasna [crocodile pose] tadasna and pawnamuktasna are few which are very beneficial.
·          Pranayma like shaithili, breath of fire [kapal bhati] anulom vilom and bhramri are extremely good.
·         In mudras we advice to practice gyan mudra.
Regular practice of these along with healthy diet and life style will cure early stages of hypertension without any medicines. Ensure proper sound sleep and lots of water intake.
Wishing all readers health and peace.