Tuesday, March 1, 2011

5000 years ago the best solution of wellness for  body, mind and soul came from india
And it still is going strong...

The true history of Ayurveda starts from the time of  the Vedas around 5000 years back. They preach the philosophy of life. The Athrv ved contains the principles of healing on which Ayurved is based. 'Ayur' means 'life' in Sanskrit. Ayurved is the most ancient science of healing which enhances longevity. It has influenced many of the older traditional methods of healing including Tibetan, Chinese and Greek medicine. Hence, Ayurveda is considered by many as the 'mother of healing
According to the Hindu mythology, the rhapsody of the Universe is maintained by Trimurtis  Brahma  the Creator ,  Vishnu  the Preserver and Siva the Destroyer . At the time of creation Ayurveda dawned as a ray of enlightenment in the cosmic consciousness of Brahma  the Eternal Creator
Brahma then imparted the knowledge to his disciple Daksha Prajapati , who passed it on the Aswins, the twin Gods , who in turn conferred it to Indra , the king of gods. During  meeting sage Bharadvaja lord  Indra gave this knowledgeto him . He then taught this science to Atreya- who further transmitted this knowledge throughout world
‘Brahma’ , the Self-Existent and the Creator Composed Ayurveda as a branch of Atharva Veda . A hundred thousand verses in a thousand chapters Divided by him into eight limbs or parts. Ayurveda originated in and developed from these hymns. In this sense, Ayurveda is considered  to have divine origin for health.
 Later Agnivesh who was foremost among the disciples of Atreya wrote Agnivesha Samhita- the most comprehensive form of Ayurveda. The oldest compilations of Atreya and Agnivesha are lost. There are three main re-organizers of Ayurveda whose works still exist and in use. These works were compiled in texts of Charaka, Sushruta and Vaghbata Samhita.

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