Friday, June 17, 2011


Your confident  steps near mine,
 Happily  walking  together   the ravine .
  Your foot prints creating impression with mine,
 Like past following future in present time.
                                    Clutching  your hand walking carefree and  in flow,
                                    Teasing sleepy butterflies ,  tired  frogs  with blow.
                                    With light bugs illuminating  way with glow,
                                     Or  getting envious as we  jump  in row.

   Lovely day vanishing for a gloomy night ,
    As giving way to something  light and bright.
    Only to come back as  fresh  as future,
    Holding  us again tight and  together.

                                       Swallowed with pride i looked down,
                                        No foot prints of you i could found.
                                        Frightened as i saw here and there,
                                         But Could not find you any where.

It was time for all to return home,
 Night was engulfing in silent  zone.
Birds bound towards nests are gone,
 How come  you  left  us alone.
No steps near me you are gone,
 Has past left future to present and own....

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monsoon humid weather and ayurvdc life style

Monsoon  humid weather and life style

Aah, The perfect season to drench oneself in rains, getting wild, wet and crazy. Every thing is crystal clear, sharpness of colors, smell of earth , droplets on flowers, rainbows, shapes of clouds we just cant ask for more.
But the perfect season brings some imperfect imbalances for whole of the winter season if we are not careful.
Heat of summer leaves every thing  high and dry, dehydrated, loss of energy, loss of appetite are the attributes of hot weather.
Because of humidity and water logging various infectious diseases are very common.
Like jaundice/hepatitis, dengue, malaria ,diarrohea and indigestion.
One should use boiled water to prevent infections .
Neem leaves fumigation  can check mosquitoes or we can prepare some good mosquito repellent for spray or local application.
Best essential oils for spray are citronella, eucalyptus, basil and lemon grass. They can be mixed with water and can be kept enclosed in a bottle. Don’t forget to shake it before use.
For  body application we may use citronella, lavender,  basil and clove in any good base oil.
Full clothes also  protect us if we are working out doors.
Varsha ritu or monsoon is start of visarg kaal that is southern solstice in india. As aadan kaal finishes  according to ayurveda lots of changes in the body start happening.
Main is the digestive system which has to be taken care of. as during aadan kaal  the energy and metabolism  becomes sluggish and slow . but visrag kaal  gives  body all the energies back ,restores all the depleted fats.
As monsoon is the start of visarg kaal, one has to be very careful for the diet during this season.  humidity in the environment is another factor which makes this season very important for a trouble free health in winter season. Any imbalances caused by wrong digestion during this season can play havoc for further  imbalances .
 salads, uncooked food, heavy oily food and curd should  be avoided in this season. This will help the patients of allergies and joint pains in winter season as there wont be much deposits of toxins that is aama in ayurveda.
 Aama is  main culprit behind many auto immune type of reactions.
One should not go out with wet clothes and particularly need to keep  the feet and webs dry and clean.
This is not a good season for  alcohol intake. Salty and sour things are better during this season.
As lavan and amal are the rasas of the season. In panchkarma therapies mainly udhvartnam and abhyanagm are the best  light therapies besides main therapies. These months need special attention of weight watchers, joint pains patients  and allergies.
Best herbs to be taken  in this season is ginger, saunf, hing , long pepper and tulsi.
As metabolism starts increasing but still needs to be taken care of for weight gain and autoimmune reactions.particularly the allergies like eczemas, psoriasis, sinusitis.
Exercises can be started slowly and regularly.
For local application on skin aguru or aquilaria agallocha is advised .
This is the season for vata aggravation so people more prone to anxieties, pains, spasms, blanches or indigestion should stay careful.
Some oil while cooking is good to avoid the imbalances.
Old grains are digested batter so old rice and grains are more suitable. 

Take care and catch the mood of the season..Albeit with little precaution
Health and peace…………………………….