Friday, June 17, 2011


Your confident  steps near mine,
 Happily  walking  together   the ravine .
  Your foot prints creating impression with mine,
 Like past following future in present time.
                                    Clutching  your hand walking carefree and  in flow,
                                    Teasing sleepy butterflies ,  tired  frogs  with blow.
                                    With light bugs illuminating  way with glow,
                                     Or  getting envious as we  jump  in row.

   Lovely day vanishing for a gloomy night ,
    As giving way to something  light and bright.
    Only to come back as  fresh  as future,
    Holding  us again tight and  together.

                                       Swallowed with pride i looked down,
                                        No foot prints of you i could found.
                                        Frightened as i saw here and there,
                                         But Could not find you any where.

It was time for all to return home,
 Night was engulfing in silent  zone.
Birds bound towards nests are gone,
 How come  you  left  us alone.
No steps near me you are gone,
 Has past left future to present and own....

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