Tuesday, August 9, 2011

all about bathing

  1. Does it make sense to have an oil massage before bath?

Oil massage is advised before any other ritual. according to ayurveda oil massage is bahy snehana bahy means outer sneha means oil and  love too, to wrap and nourish the body with love that is the application of oil.
It is basically vata shamak or pacify vata dosha so best anti ageing, anti stress methods if done daily.
after massage bath wipes away the extra and unabsorbed oil from the surface.
Water seals the moisture content of oil and makes it more absorbable.
 After massage bath relaxes the muscles too.
If one takes bath without oil massage normal healthy oil from body may wash away. It may cause dry skin and early ageing signs.

  1. What kind of soap is good to use? Or is a shower gel preferable?
Any mild soap is better for cleansing purpose. A shower gel is always preferable as it is more convenient to use and make enough foam. Shower gel doesn’t rip off the natural oils from the skin and thus doesn’t dries up the skin.
It leaves nice delicate smell on skin. And  to apply gel  we need loofah or scrubber so it needs to be rubbed and thus further  lowers vata ingredient and promotes health  and relieves stress.

  1. If you have a tub, what about a bubble bath?  
Sure we can use same tub for bubble bath but generally we may require more bubble gel in normal tub. There are some bath pellets available in some cities wich can be used in tub to create more bubbles. As bubble bath tub has air pumping action attached to it.
Generally we wont recommend bubble bath more than twice in month. As it has to be done with hot water and bubbles prevent fast cooling of water so long stay in hot water can be dehydrating in Indian hot humid climate.

  1. Are there any home remedy / grandma's advice kind of things that will give you super soft, radiant skin?
A quick scrub before bath will give u perfect radiant clean skin. U can use 2 table spoon of oat meal if oily skin or  normal chick pea powder with one tab spoon full of milk powder. add pinch of turmeric half tea spoon full of sandal wood powder half tea spoon full of lemon juice with one tea spoon full of glycerin and pinch of baking soda . make a soft paste by adding either fresh milk or olive oil ( according to requirement and skin type)
 this will deep cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate and preserve the radiance and tone of the skin. Rub this in your skin for 15 to 20 minutes before shower atleast 3-4 times in a week to keep the ageing effects away. We guarantee No laser can match the effects if done religiously daily with healthy diet and enough hydration.
  1. If you spend too much time in water, won't you get wrinkled up and won't your skin dry

It will dehydrate or wrinkle up. But if we do proper oleation or oil massage before bath it will prevent from getting too dehydrated. Tahts why we recommend good oleation before any bathing ritual. Otherwise it can be harmful for skin.
Or alternatively you can use bath salts too. After long exposure to water try to rub some good moisturizer immediately into the skin.

  1. Should we use aromatherapy products? if yes what all works well? What about bath salts? Do they work for Indian skin?
Aromatherapy is superb for relaxation, water retentions and for soothing the tired muscles.
We can use them in without going for elaborate arrangements and save time too.
Zozobz oil safflower oil make a nice base. Take 2 teaspoon full add 4 drops each of lavender oil, grapeseed oil and lemon oil. Add these in to some unscented shower gel shake well and add to y
 Our bath tub. Soak well and scrub with loofah this will leave you fresh silky and nicely perfumed.

Bath salts we can use twice or thrice in a month.  because of reverse osmosis it may derange the mineral balance in the body leaving you exhausted. You can make your own salt by using Epsom stone  3 parts sea salt 2 parts and baking powder 1 part with adding some refreshing aroma oils to it. So it is advised to keep hydration level good in any bathing ritual.
For Indian skin a nice scrub wich does exfoliation and to add variety to bathing experience various baths can be added. But too much exposure to water without proper hydration or oleation of skin will not be much beneficial. though these baths are highly stress relievers and luxurious, but our weather conditions are very different from west.

  1. Any specific steps that Indian skin warrants?
Yeah as ours is hot weather in max of the parts of country golden thumb rule will be always to keep proper hydration level and prevent from sun burns.  In clinics we are seeing young patients at extremes. Max with joint and muscle pains are coming with vit D deficiency. So to prevent skin hazards and nutritional deficiencies we need to make judicious exposure to sun. daily 15 minutes play or walk early morning and late evening is too good for skin and health.
 Any type of work out with sweating is too good and rejuvenating for skin.
Indian skin is prone to tan so mid day sun should be avoided and calamine lotion is perfect with mint leaves to soothe out the itchy and hot skin. Apply any good sun screan lotion and cotton clothes to prevent direct sun.

  1. How important is creating the right environment? And how to do it?
As any type of bathing experience is a relaxing and luxurious affair apart from the usual cleaning.
So it is very important to create right kind of energies and relaxing environment.
Switch off the phones.keep the doors locked to have complete mental peace.
Get some good foot mats and soaking towels to avoid spilling and chaos later.
Use dim or soft lights or use  some nice aroma candles.
Keep all the required things in a tray near to you. Put on soft or healing music or chants.
Don’t rush u should have enough time to soak.
If using chlorinated water let it stand for some time before using it.
Use some cold eye pads or face mask.
Check if u r sensitive to any of the essential oil or perfumes or if u r pregnant or nursing.
These precautionary steps  will remove  any chances of undue stress.

  1. Please elaborate on a perfect bath regime divided in the following three sections

    • pre-bath regime
    • bath
    • post-bath

according to traditional ayurveda way pre bath is…..
to say some prayers. and to evacuate the bowels and thoroughly clean the private parts to keep positive and  healthy energies.
Next is to  brush the teeth and compulsory gargling and massaging of the gums.
Cleaning eyes with plain cold water as any type of hot water and cleaning agents can harm the eayes.
After that 15 minutes ritual of rubbing your body either with oil or scrub.
As skin is made up of 7 layers. And the liveliness increases as we go deeper. To reach and activate the deepest layer of the tissue  rougly 800 matra time  of tactile sensation or massage is required. Wich is equal to around 5 minutes. So going by this theory 15 minutes massage is enough daily.
This is generally the pre bath routine according to ayurveda.
After that bath. Wich is generally done witwith  clean and fresh water in daily regime.
. One should rub the body with soft cotton cloth soaked with any cleaning agent.

Afte bath one should soak dry the body that is must to prevent from fugal infections. In ayurveda there is strong mention of wearing clean clothes after bath and to apply any type of perfume like chandan powder wich is cooling and keeps the body relaxed with its aromaoil.
And then to keep some aromatic herb in mouth like cardamom or clove with basil in mouth before starting the day.


10.  Also like to know what different steps apply to men to maub hike a perfect bath for them?

There are no specific guidelines for any sex in ayurveda except to take care of pregnancy , menstrual and nursing times.
As I feel for  men more scrub is required as their skin is  harder and respond bit slowly. There is mention to trim the beard and extra hairs always accordning to ayurveda before bath.
Men need to use strnger sun screen and sandal wood aroma oil frankincence with patouchli will be graet for an aroma bath.
Further to add it is beneficial for men to have a relaxing oil massage and bath before sleep will reduce the tension levels and is invigorating for sexual life too if there are some complaints of PME. In ayureda this is one of the best methods to increase fertility and healthy sperm count.