Friday, October 21, 2011


Diwali is the main festival of  India. It is celebrated  to welcome light “the sattvam”. Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped for prosperity and houses are kept  clean to welcome wealth  by  decorating and putting up small lamps, candles or chandeliers.  That s why  it is also called the Festival of Lights. It also signifies the victory of good over bad and awareness of illuminating body and soul.
In Epic Ramayan, Diwali was started with the celebrations of home coming of  Lord Ram after his victory over demon King Ravan .  Lord Mahavir also attained  nirvana on this day.
 In ancient India Vedic culture gave enough importance to Sattva, which is in true sense The  purity of environment, purity of life, purity of body and soul. So during this annual celebration cleaning of environment as well as body, mind and soul was given utmost importance.
In Ayurveda cleaning or Shodhana is mentioned as Panchkarma. It is ritual which should be performed annually  to keep the body healthy and trouble free. As we all know  Happy soul and happy mind reside in a healthy body. Ayurvedic philosophy harbor complete health of body, mind, senses and soul. This Diwali lets take this pledge to illuminate completely from inside too.
 Lets clean up every burden from  our soul, our heart and remove all the waste in every respect . God help us in cleaning up our hearts from emotional stresses which is main cause of diseases and remove darkness of negativity. Lets keep our soul and mind happy, free  and  peaceful.  Lets  feel the Joy in perfect union of soul with cosmos.
Lets celebrate festival in true spirit by staying away from burning crackers and keeping the environment clean.  Lets Feast mindfully and keep our bodies healthy. Lets take a pledge to illuminate  darkness around us and let our festival of lights be as bright as the soul inside each of us.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CANCER ………how much is too much and what too much is enough

Steve jobs the man who changed the face of multimedia and knocked out walkman permanently from music world is no more. He was suffering from a rarest kind of pancreas cancer neuroadenocarcinoma. It is basically the malignancy of hormone producing islet cells. This disease  jeopardized his pancreas and part of liver.
Ultimately the man of dreams untimely lost  to harsh reality.  His death curtailed a wide reaction about the medical mishaps he had gone through. We witnessed this in recent past with legendry Michel Jackson too. Closet is open and his gaunt looking pictures had been a hot topic with tabloids, media and intellectuals.  
Though Steve  was treated in the best ever possible way. But the dilemma of cancer treatments and right approaches  has been more painful than the cancer itself. It drains physically, emotionally and mentally.
If a person of Steve or Michel stature can land up in medical controversies than its high time to rethink about the whole process. These controversies give ample view what we have achieved from education without knowledge and wide vision. It is so true that closed conditioned mind don’t pave for growth and healthy reasoning powers.
We could have given  90 % results in mortality rate with cancer  but still we are hovering around 50 % and assume that we have made brave  advancements  in treatments by segregating the genomes or proteins which cause different type of cancers. What an irony.
There is never going to be a cap on advancements of medical sciences and discoveries. Only draw back of present scenario is that we think we have achieved, discovered and conquered the entire universe or rather cosmos.
 Now if we discover something faster than light our reaction is as crazy as Einstein s hairs.  These medical controversies and new discoveries prove that there is still much more hidden from our perceivable senses than we could ever  imagine. There are many  subtle forces and energies which still have to find their way in pages of  science journals. Only we need to keep our minds open with wider approach.
 Some where either we start expecting too much from the advancements of medicine or relying too much on nature and body ‘ s intrinsic quality of self healing. Both paths are disastrous. We fail to judge the delicate balance of how much is too much and what too much is enough.  Combination of each and every part with thought provoking approach is the need of the hour.
In last decade enough has been done with cardiac cases. Now we are realizing  its not only intake of fats which is the culprit. By now statins have damaged enough livers and dented many pockets than doing any good to bring down the mortality rate caused by heart attacks .  its still the number one  cause of deaths all over the world.  There is lot to be done to prevent cardiac and cancer pandemic.
Now coming back to best approaches in cancer. I will discuss here the dilemma with the burning points.
Cancer   is abnormal growth of the tissues which start  attacking the normal functioning of the body and irreparably  damages the vital organs.  It is one of the most  fatal disease of 20th century which has spread its limbs further in 21st century.  This is the worst effect of increased life span and fast paced life.
 Cancer is most unpredictable disease and need multi disciplinary approach. It should be wiped in most aggressive way at initial stages. Body s natural immunity and other approaches including keeping the person in best shape mentally and physically should be taken care of. As in case of Steve jobs conventional approach was delayed for eight months while he was on some special diets. According to me integrated aggressive approach should have been better.
Liver transplant or any other organ transplant in cancer need a very strong reason to go for it. Liver has tremendous power to regrow if a part of it is removed. But in case of removal of a large chunk  it can develop into liver failure. Any type of surgery increases the chance of further spread and chances are there of spreading the cancer cells to the new organ too. Any organ transplant is dealt with auto immune med to tackle the auto rejection of new graft  by the body. This plays havoc as it makes a fertile ground for the cancer cell multiplication even faster. In Steve ‘ s case liver transplant is also getting debate from various onco specialists.
Integrative approach takes care of cancer patients in best possible way.
Examples are …prophylactic, palliative, curative, supportive and helping mentally emotionally and spiritually.
There are proved evidences of these actions of some herbs and herbo mineral products. Many of the herbs have proved  antioxidant, nontoxic, cell protective, adaptive and antineoplastic actions. They work collectively on immune system and save vital organs making it easier to handle the side effects of chemo or radio therapies.
With some of the diet ,life style and herb combinations we can reduce the therapeutic doses of various other medicines too.
Rejuvenating effects of some of the herbomineral combinations  are well proved.
Some classical approaches  work by restricting the progress of cancer. It s use is further enhanced when other conventional therapies are contra indicated.
I will be posting about cancer in detail  in future. Keep reading …