Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter Skin Care

skin care
home procedures… skin is the first organ to reflect the imbalances and last one to respond to  the improvements. Any season change plays havoc on skin too.
1….use less soap during baths. Use more natural cleansers and scrubbing as it pacifies vata and kapha which is mainly responsible for dryness and congested skin.
2… don’t use hot shower or hot tub bath for long. Warm water is just perfect and don’t forget to put few drops of olive oil mix with lavender and patchouli oil in it.
{ sea salt is a natural scrub}
3… avoid strong winds and strong sun. morning and evening exposure of sun is good enough to keep away winter blues in Indian conditions.
4…hydration is very important. Keep good hydration with warming soups and cooked vegatables and cereals. 
5…raw salads and drying  foods  like toasts biscuits bitter and pungent tastes are not good for this season. These may increase vata which can cause dryness and ageing.

Follow ayurvedic regimen of visarga kaal that’s is southern solstice.
According to ayurveda this simple home remedy will take care of your skin and will prove anti ageing in the long run.
To drink a glass of warm water with honey and 10 drops of fresh  ginger juice.
Go for self abhyangam that’s  ayurvedic massage with sesame oil which has heating properties. After 10 min of massage one can scrub of extra oil from skin during bath.
Use oatmeal soaked in milk for a good scrub.
With all this keep your internal hydration good.  Coffee, smoke, pollution, alcohol drinks can cause dryness. So they should be avoided.
Home facial
Milk powder with few drops of rose water and lemon juice, soya been powder with few drops of honey and milk can make excellent nourishing face packs and scrubs.
As there is lots of congestion in the skin after massage light steam will be good to open up pores and improve circulation.
Quick fix tip
Ok….if your skin is terribly dry and u have abused yourself enough with drying diets and life style.
Here is the quick fix solution.
 Take 15 drops of Avocado and apricot oil each with 10 drops of glycerin. Massage well with finger tips for 15 min. let it soak completely. Lightly clean the face with warm wet cloth. Keep warm pads on eyes that will reduce puffiness. Use rose water drops in eyes for extra shine.
after this use fresh tomato puree or juice and wash.  you are ready for the day.

Every day step to keep hairs healthy and good.
Hair are extensions of skin.  Any imbalances in body will ultimately show effects on hair too. As this is the season of over flowing of kapha with imbalance of vata. Both of these together cause dandruff and heavy hair fall. Dry and sebaceous congested scalp skin can further give fertile ground to fungal and bacterial infections. During winter sebum and clogged pores give hair dullness.
One should make a routine to  light massage the scalp with oils like nilibhringi, bhringraaj or simple seasame oil atleast twice in a week. The oil  should be kept on  scalp for  3-4 hours or over night.
Occasionally oil treated with lime juice will help keeping the hair  glossy and healthy.
To improve the shine in hair one can apply henna and amla powder for 1 hour and wash it off without using any shampoo and conditioner. 
Try to use mild and PH balance shampoo during harsh weather.

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