Thursday, March 8, 2012


20th century saw the uprising of Agricultural India with slogan " JAI JAWAN, JAI KISSAN ",  now 21st century brings to us "JAI CORPORATE ,  JAI MNC’S"   Corporate world is expanding and contributing to the growth of the country as farming and arming in good old days.
Many big names from all over the world are expanding and opening up new offices in different countries and continents. This spur in the growth  has opened up the door to many new opportunities and employments.  In growing countries economical growth has rapidly increased. But with all this  growth and industrialization stress levels and failure rates have also increased tremendously. In spite of the best planning , best recruitment and resources some plans fail miserably. In corporate world productivity  demands are  higher  than the actual performance levels.  Lots of undue stress come  with wrong grouping of individuals in the team. This actually lowers the productivity too. This human factor becomes the prime reason for failure many a times.
Lots  of people from different fields of specializations are involved during new projects and new planning . Basically HR team decides the individuals according to their diverse experiences with utmost care. Before actual implementation of any new  project lots of ground work is also done. But some plans still fail or don’t come up to the desired expectation.
Here we will discuss this team performance issue with the ancient Indian wisdom of Ayurveda. In Ayurveda we have better solution to understand the energy of the project and to match it with over all energy of the team. According to Ayurveda, each individual has different body composition which is the attributing factor for his in born capabilities. If with all other things we take this factor too in to consideration ,we will be able to get right combination of the teams.  Thus we can easily increase the group performance and creativity.
Ayurveda  propagates the mixing of different types  of prakurti  or body types  according to the requirement of the project.  For the uninitiated one I would like to suggest reading  Ayurveda s theory of metaphysical association with corporal body. And how the five elements take part in attributing mental , physical and spiritual qualities to individuals. The three basic working units of body are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These forces  represent  anatomical ,physiological and emotional aspects of a person. In each person these three basic units stay in different ratio thus giving some special individualistic qualities to each and every person.
So if a task is allotted to a person which is in synchronization  with his inherent qualities his performance will be better . Ayurveda  also emphasize to protect  the right equilibrium of these three basic forces of any individual which he is born with. Thus  by giving the task according to individualistic  body type we can keep work force  happy and in healthy equilibrium too.
 Lets discuss these three basic types of individuals and their special characteristics in short here.
Vata person during balanced and cheerful state represents loads of original creativity. Generally they are hyperactive and mobile. On the other hand if vata is not in balance, person may be highly anxious, frustrated and insincere.  Vata people lack consistency for long and can change their views frequently. The real performance from this group can be seen during  short term and  high expectation projects.  Thus  their  high energy levels can be used positively. A  Vata individual needs to take frequent breaks as compared to  others.
Pitta person will be generally intelligent, focused , full of energy and passionate about  his interests. But simultaneously imbalanced  Pitta represents lots of anger, agitation, violence and indiscriminate judgments. These are the people with high determination.
Unbalanced Kapha individual tends  to be slow, lethargic and  stubborn . But balanced and happy Kapha person makes the best boss and manager. Kapha individual is balanced at the work, grounded and a cautious decision maker.
We can make winning teams according to the basic requirements  of the project like planning, execution time and goal expectation etc. Let us discuss some examples here.
To get some fast growth and rapid results in shortest possible time we can consider Vata energy as the main energy of the project  so we need to keep more Vata people in the group to get better results.
To get some persistent results with a full R&D throughout the year we need more Pitta energy in the group . So more Pitta Vata combination will be useful here.  With these two elements in the group Pitta can keep the focus tirelessly and Vata can excel in approaching client and giving more innovative ideas. This way we can get highly  motivated team for long term benefits.
Maxium marketing and sales teams success rate will depend on this right combination.
All managerial and decision maker team should combine more Kapha individuals. As any new project should be evaluated  cautiously . Calm, grounded and balanced approach of Kapha will play a major role in ultimate productivity of the company. More stable leading team will have substantial role in future of any project. Kapha persons are likely to hold the position for longer times and generally don’t switch over jobs easily which can be a good positive factor in having  Kapha people in any company at substantial positions.
Similarly Vata and Kapha energies can be very good in any creativity team . Many innovative ideas and products can be launched with this combination. As Vata s innovative  ideas can be practically achieved by cautious grounding of  Kapha force.
Pitta and kapha team is excellent for slow moving mature industry. Where basically operations and facilities are managed.
This combo can be disastrous in fast lane high innovative business. Similarly more Vata in top management team in any industry can be worrisome. Public dealing with more Pitta group wont give high yields.
In health industry more Vata people apart from handling marketing is not a good idea as they can have high energy levels and  anxious behavior which can make patients  restless. Talkative and insincere behavior of vata don’t make them very good administrators as well.
If we make right teams according to Ayurveda basic body compositions, we will be able to move beyond the deadlines and will be able to keep the positive energy of any project or industry.
Any industry can grow by keeping the prakruti of its work force in mind while giving them tasks according to their interests.  This will also enable in keeping  employees happy and healthy thus removing stress and negativity from the group performance.