Thursday, December 26, 2013


While talking about human health and Ayurvedic five elemental perspective its very important for real estate industry to understand this delicate relationship.
Earlier days building a home was very individualistic task. Best structures were where there was courtyard in between devoid of any beams or pillars. They were used as relaxing, meeting points, evening gossips or any social gatherings and events. Now a days more and more people are opting for community living. Where multistory houses are used. Though this is a good practice to save grounds for other things. But all sort of good and bad energies remain clustered in these types of houses. Directly or indirectly it influences the health of the occupants.
According to body type one can keep some options for end users. The more airy and sky type of body which represents creative and restless energies should opt for lower floors. Vata people with anxieties and abundant air will feel stress on higher floors.
People recovering from illnesses need to be more in open spaces where energy movement is good. Stale and blocked places arrest recovery. Most of the psychological problems have tendencies to turn into physical illnesses.
Basements are very good for meditations and relaxation as earth soaks most of the negativity around and gives a serene space for purpose.

While preparing for community living it is very important to take care of open spaces and natural flow of five elements. Crowdy places increase stress and energy is blocked at these places. More open space with abundant earth, water, air, fire and sky elements are good. While buying houses one can check his body type and select house accordingly. Sensitive people can feel these small changes very fast so need to take extra care.

Ayurveda can further benefit real estate developers who design hospitals, health villages and maternity wards. According to ancient healing science hospital building should be away from crime areas, at peaceful place, easily approachable and all herbs in vicinity. North side of the city or habitation is best place for health institutes. Main entry should be northeast facing. Strong direct wind is a strict no. Patient recovery room should have three tiers lobby or any other workable area around it. And there should be enough balconies in this or porch area. Land should be clean and away from pollution, there should not be any excitement factors around, or irritating people and idiots. There should be more trees with ksheer or which excrete milky secretions when pinched. There should not be any burial grounds near by.
Maternity room should have medicinal wooden floor and walls. It should have medicinal wood plank. Door should be at the east or south direction. Room size should not be too big or too small. There should not be any direct air in to the room.

Detox and anti aging therapy rooms should also be in crime free city with healthy environment and polite people. It should be towards north east of city with good transportation facility. Breadth, length, height of recovery room should be adequate. There should be at least three walled lobby around the patients room. There should be enough jharokha for ventilation but direct wind should not touch the patient. All weatherproof interiors are best for recovery.

Directions of wind are stated to be very important for people who are recovering from serious and life threatening disorders. South North wind is good for health while East West wind is considered unhealthy. It is particularly bad for postoperative patients, chronic illnesses and heart patients.
South wind is good for tired and exhaustion, good for eyes and healing of wounds. West wind good for heart and blood related problems. Its good for joint and arthritis patients. It has drying effects so good for weight loss and slow metabolism. But can make one tired soon because of drying effects.
North wind is best for healing, it is nourishing and good to gain health.

Type of underground water and rivers around us also influence health. Underground water has qualities according to the type of land.
Fresh rain water gives life, health, intelligence, it's easy to digest, cool nature, like elixir of life. But once it touches ground, it's nature changes according to surrounding. If in healthy conditions remains healthy if pollution is there it becomes unhealthy.
Rainy water during monsoon is not considered healthy as this is the water which comes mostly through sea and strong airs.
Water from fast flowing rivers and rivers, which are western sea bound, are considered healthy. The rivers, which slow down cause many problems, like heart diseases, goiter, elephantiasis, filliriasis or worms. Rivers of North East and Konkani area can cause piles.

According to Charak rivers coming from Malay mountains or Himalya are healthy.
If the river is ending towards West side of Sea its water is more pure and drinkable. Rivers going towards east side of sea become very slow so their water becomes difficult to digest and can cause congestion and heaviness in the body. Vindhay and Sahay mountains rivers have water which can cause headaches and filiriasis/ elephantiasis. During Monsoon River waters are not drinkable they can cause many problems in the body. By understanding the delicate relationship with nature and life we can make small changes and can ward off many serious illnesses and genetically mutations for the future generations. 


Ayurveda is all about living in harmony with nature and self. Five-element theory of Ayurveda is also the basis of Vastu. When man started habitation in enclosures, groups and villages, the divine science of Ayurveda and Vastu came in handy for making suitable structures in sync with life around the planet while respecting nature.

Like Ayurveda Vastushastra or Vastu veda is also a divine knowledge. We can live a healthy and happy life by respecting laws of nature and mother Earth. Five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky represent macro forms of cosmic energies. These energies manifest themselves in subtle forms in almost every living or nonliving thing. These energies are the basis of life, without respecting the source we just can't go on reaping the benefits. Sadly current behavior of mankind is like an irresponsible and unwelcomed guest in the house, who always tries to get petty benefits at major cost of host. This relationship is going to be sour sooner or later and guest will be the person who will get maximum burnt out of it.

Vastu is the divine science which guides us to respect the five elemental force present in subtle form around us for mutual benefit. Now a days Vastu science  is representing merely the directions for material prosperity. It is losing the whole agenda of health and peace for mutual benefit of the whole cosmos.

Vastu science in Ayurveda gives the details of how we can achieve the maximum benefits of cosmic energies without disturbing its natural flow. How we can make recovery rooms or health projects. Ayurveda talks about body types according to their subtle five elemental presentations in body. Some people have more sky, air, fire, water or earth qualities in them as compared to others. To keep them in balance one need to understand the presence of five elements around them. These macro forms of elements in nature have effects on health. These long standing disturbances can become psychosomatic diseases later.

To understand it better Acharays of Ayurveda have mentioned three types of land.
Aanup         Jangal         Sadharan

Jangal land is more airy, windy and dry. So more Vata disturbances can happen in the population. This type of land has small and sparse trees. Water is less and deep seated or with low underground water tabs. This type of land can cause heat and drying problems along with joint problems. This type of land is in deserts, like Bikaner, Jaisalmer in India and Arab countries. People who migrate suffer more than the natives because of their genetical make up is according to the land of their ancestors.

Aanup desh is humid land. Acharya Charak explained this type of land is full of rivers, water tabs, mountains and hillocks. It has more trees and is nearer to sea. Residents of this land may suffer from Kapha and Vata problems. Assam, Bay of Bengal and Kuchh are the examples of this type of land. If we understand the natural quality of the land we can take care of the structure or building to minimize the subtle effects on residents. So people with too much heaviness and blockages in the body are going to suffer more in this type of land.

Sadharan desh or land has all the factors in equilibrium. Thus all three humors of body like Vata, Pitta and Kapha remain in equilibrium. This land has weathers like summer, rains, winter and autmn. Planes of Ganges in India are good example of this type of land. People living in this type of land are healthy and strong.

Once we know the type of land we can understand its effects on health easily. If some one has too much earth or water qualities in body he/she needs to make some changes either in the place or building design or diet and life style to negate those extra effects on health. These effects of land on human body are tremendous and can attribute to genetically compromised generations.