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Ayurveda is science of life which tells us how to lead a healthy life. At Vedic Healers clinics and therapy centers our focus is on authentic Ayurveda. Ayurveda suggests us ways of living, meditation and exercise. Every thing is not good for every one. We all are having different type of bodies. Ayurveda suggests it as prakriti ( individual body type ). So every individual has its own type of body and problems. To keep up the health one should follow specific diet, daily regimen, meditation and exercise.
Ayurveda helps healthy person in maintaining health till life. For the diseased one or sick persons Ayurveda suggests plethora of herbs and herbal medicines. Almost all problems have some holistic cure by Ayurveda. If condition of the disease is serious and don’t get cure by herbs and life style than We suggest panchkarma therapies.
By panchkarma therapies one can get rid of all toxins from the body. At Vedic Healers we also perform keraliya therapies. All these methods and herbs  combinations make strong health and peaceful mind.
Ayurveda is more than five thousand years old health tradition from India. Its getting strong day by day and through Vedic Healers we are spreading this knowledge to every corner of world.

At Vedic Healers we treat holistically. There are basically seven type of bodies governed by Tridosha ( Vata, Pita, Kapha). When a single dosha is high in body that is called either Vataj prakriti, Pittaj Prakriti or Kaphaj Prakriti. This type of prakiti is rare to find. Then is dwandwaj Prakriti. Which has dominance of any two dosha. Dual body type. Maximum of us belong to this category. Vataj-Pittaj, Pittaj-Kaphaj, Kaphaj-Vataj and more. Last is Sannipataj. This is rare to find where all doshas are in equal state.

Vata represents air and sky in body. Every one having light bodies, unable to gain weight, dry skins, rough hairs, knotty joints can be put in to this category. Their bowel movements are dry and hard and digestion irregular. They are dreamy, very creative, active and talkative. Stamina can be low and appetite is also low. So eat small portions frequently. Their minds are restless and active and sleep for less hours. Cold weather and cold food they don’t like much. Less heavy exercise or just before exhaustion is good for them.

Pitta is represented by fire. These people have soft and sensitive skin, delicate thin hairs and sharp minds. They don’t like hot weather and heating foods. They have good appetite and bowel movements. Because of too much heat in the body they may suffer from diarrhea, fevers and burning in urination or acid problems. They are sharp and intelligent. Some times too much anger can be problem. They enjoy cold weather and cooling food. Medium level of exercise or till some sweat drops come is good for them.

Kapha is mostly water and earth. These people have large frames and strong bodies. Their skin and hair are oily and thick. Their stamina is good. They can have problems like laziness and weight gain. They can eat lot at one time and can stay hungry for longer. They have generally good features and large eyes. Their sleep time is longer than others. Their retaining power is good memories are sharp. Mostly they remain happy and peaceful. They make less and strong relations. They need heavy exercise and strenuous work schedule.

So we all are in combination of mostly two dosha while third one is having little less presence compared to other two. That’s how we decide our type of bodies and can decide what can be good or bad for us.

Same way we can select our food also. At Vedic Healers we advise exercise, foods and meditation types and life style. Mostly vata people should eat grains, sweets, fruits. They also can get help in dryness with any type of oils. All natural and healthy oils are good for them. They should try to eat more hot, light and digestive food.
Pitta people should eat more cooling food. Salads, fruits, vegetables are good for them. Spices, hot brewages, coffee and tea are not very good for them. More water should be taken and stay away from heat and humid conditions.
Kapha people should eat less grains more vegetables less sweets and salt. Oily food is not good for them. They can have spices in moderation. They should avoid eating heavy foods before sleep. More soups and fresh herbs are good for them.
At Vedic Healers our tourists mostly prefer our abhyangam, shirodhara and steam bath package. Abhyangam is ayurvedic full body massage. We do traditional head massage and full body massage in this. This is done by herbal oils. Abhyangam is for tired muscles and body. Its regular benefits are anti aging, relaxation, good skin and hair. It keeps us alert with sharp mind as whole body is relaxed and rejuvenated.
Shirodhara is done to charge third eye point. This is chakra point and lots of energy remains there. This is very good for deep relaxation; sleep problems, tired mind, hormonal problems and others. At last steam bath is given which is to let absorb all herbal oil into skin and make it soft, shiny and lustrous.

Vedic Healers is a premium group of clinics, therapy centers, herbal products and spas, based in India. Under the leadership of Dr Meenakshi Joshi , Vedic Healers has flourished and spread across the Delhi NCR region of India in a very short span.
Our director Dr Meenakshi Joshi has an impressive track record of more than 20 years of hands-on experience in Ayurveda and natural healings on an international scale. She worked with Ayurveda Holdings and Thames Valley University in Central London and had been associated with Ayurveda seminars for Okayama Medical College in Japan.
At Vedic Healers you are assured to be completely rejuvenated with our indigenous herbs, minerals, panchkarma , de toxification therapies , natural Ayurvedic, Unani and Homeopathic medicines along with essential and aroma oils. We also alter your diet, life style and acquaint you with our traditional knowledge of yoga and meditation. With this ancient knowledge, your body is cured and purified, hence an optimum balance of mind and body can be achieved.
Many types of infections, geriatrics, immunity and aphrodisiacs treatments are available in natural medicines. Unlike over the counter medicines, natural medicine have no side-effects. Our aim is to achieve complete health by herbs or by eliminating toxins from your body by various Herbs and Ayurvedic therapies. We have got an edge over other organizations in particular with following problems
Skin problems, Obesity, Arthritis and joint problems, liver diseases, neurological problems like paralysis, Digestive problems, Respiratory problems, Mental problems, Ano rectal problems, Urinary problems, Sexual problems, Cancer, Gynaec problems and Old age problems.
For cancer we give herbal medicine along with conventional medicine and modern medicines. It improves quality of life and takes care of any recurrences. For any type of toxic food or poisoning we purify the bodies, and then proceed with therapies, procedures and treat by special diets. We prescribe you medicines only after understanding your body type and problems as every individual has different body type. Our all products are result oriented, best from the market and affordable.
Ayurveda is around 5000 – 6000 years old traditional healing system of Vedic India. It means science of life. Ayurveda has two branches. One is for sickness and another is for healthy. As health is not required only when we fall sick but it is required till the last breath to prevent disorders. Thus Ayurveda has a strong, effective and complete wellness as well as preventive plan. In sickness we generally treat by many herbs, minerals, diets and therapies.
In healthy we try to keep up the health as long as possible. We recommend yearly or seasonal detoxifications along with stress removing methods. Healthy eating and living conditions are also inculcated along with healthy supplements.
We have panchkarma facilitates, detox facilities, Ayurvedic therapies, Ayurvedic study courses, herbal supplements, pure herbs, essential oils, aroma oils and ayurvdic medicines.
These days we are suffering because of lack of nutrition, hygiene, faulty eating and living habits mostly. We need to go to the basics of maintaining health. So our immunities can be stronger to keep the disease at bay. Our mental and emotional health along with physical health should be in equilibrium, that’s how complete harmony will be achieved and will give a balanced human, happy family, healthy society and prosperous nation. For any query please contact us at  -

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