Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wandering But Not Lost -WELCOME - 2015

Wandering But Not Lost 2014              - by DR MEENAKSHI JOSHI

Every moment passes celebrating life and wisdom. In all this pursuit I wonder what actually should be the priority of 2015. 
Money * 💰 but goddess Lakshmi is infamous for changing hands faster than we could actually start basking in its glory. 
*Name Fame* 🔱 yes it may look good eventually on tombstone 😱 but once we are gone how much it's going to bother? Though it sounds nice to continue living in memories, but that’s still not priority. 
*Achievement* 🏦 But personally definition for achievements vary. For me it represents mental and spiritual growth. So it can be a privately guarded agenda. 
*Health* 🔜 Health is going to be the most illusive and sought after priority in years to come. All will agree with this I hope. Count down for each of us starts the day we are born; with each breath uphill journey starts for retaining health and youth. 
*Happiness* 😁. Life long happiness is an elusive term. No one can achieve that perfect situation, perfect balance and perfect circumstances. Life it self is full of ups and downs for each one of us. Only effort we can do is to live on our own terms even a short, meaningful & free life is better than eighty years of purposeless captivity. 
*Future plans* 🆒 Future plans are of use to those, who live in present mindfully. Living every moment as it comes is the best way to make best grounds for future. 
*Time* 🕘 I personally feel time is the most precious priority of life. Each one of us will go through this phase when value of time will be just enormous. So it’s wise to preserve energy and time than to use it where its not required. This year I want to use each moment on activities which imparts me wisdom, happiness and sense of worth. I pledge to use my time effectively. Every time I shift inwards, I move closer to myself, I save unproductive use of energy and most importantly time. I want to be there with all my time for people who matter most in life. Time is the best gift any one can give. Once you gave some moments of your life no way you can get it back. Time is not something to fight against. It’s very strong, free flowing and doesn’t wither.

Share your time where you really want to - More in love with every moment   2015

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